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Tired of your investments getting beaten up by Wall Street?  Looking for a stable investment?  Real estate is, and always has been, the best investment going.  But commercial or rental property can take a lot of work managing.  You're always dealing with collecting rents, finding tenants, making repairs and doing maintenance.  That is what truly makes Powder Village Condos the best investment:  You can invest your money in real estate, and have fun while doing it. You can have your own ski/vacation condo that can pay for itself. 

How does the rental program work? 

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort Lodging handles all of the rental activites.  They have an online registration site and an 800 number that is serviced 24/7 during the ski season.  You tell them what days you want your condo open for rentals, and they will work to get it rented for those times.  Then, at the end of each month, they will send you a check for your proceeds after expenses (housekeeping, laundary, garbage removal, etc) and fees (generally 20%).

Here is the link to the reservation page:

How much money can I make in the rental program?

The condos have been in the rental program for the last four ski seasons and have increased in gross rental sales every single year.  In 2016 we averaged approximately $5000  in gross rental receipts.  For qualified buyers, we will provide detailed financials for your specific unit. 

Is there a limit on how often I can use my condo for personal use?

Absolutely not. You can use the condo as often as you like, and it is completely up to you as to whether you have it in the rental program.  Although it is an advantage to have rental income that can help pay your expenses and taxes, it is entirely up to the condo owner how they would like to utilize their condo unit.

How do I handle the maintenance on my condo?

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort Lodging can handle all of the maintance for you on the unit.  They will make sure the units are cleaned after guest stay there, as well as handle any routine maintenance chores that may come up from time to time.  Then, they will just take their fee out of the monthly rental income from your unit. It can truly be a turn key investment for you. It is a vacation condo that can generate income- how can you go wrong?

Are there monthly Condo associtation fees?

Yes, there is a monthly association fee for the Powder Village Condos Association (PVCA).  This fee covers your heat, water, electric, sewer, hot tub maintenance, WIFI, and satelite TV.  This monthly association fee is only $250.00 per month.

Do I have to be a good skier or actually like skiing to buy a Powder Village Condo? 
We're glad you asked.  You can love or hate winter sports, but either way, you will love your Powder Village Condo. There are many things to do in any season no matter what your preferences, or you could simply purchase a condo strictly for the investment potential and never set foot in the UP.  It's completely up to you, but we won't force you to go skiing if you don't want too... 
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